Mighty Mule troubleshooting & Gate Opener Tips

| April 15, 2011 | Comments (1)

Mighty Mule Troubleshooting

  1. Troubleshooting for mule gates that are not working. The first thing i like to do if your gate opener stopped operating, is to check the fuse to see if its blown. After that take the battery to get loaded test to check the amps. This test takes 5 minutes to find if your battery is still holding a charge and if its bad replace it with mighty mule 12 volt 7 amp hour battery.
  2. Next thing to check is the mighty mule gate control board. Troubleshooting the PC board on a mighty mule you call the manufacture or visit www.mightymule.com for there phone number.
  3. If your mule gate opener has been hit then you need to check the mounting hardware and actuator arm. Mighty mule arms have a plastic shell cover over the gears inside and get damaged easily unlike metal actuators arms. If your mounting hardware is bent or broke then you will need to order the hardware bags or hardware box has brackets.
  4. Mighty mule replacement arms are available to order. The actuator arm is sold as a complete unit only, that means you cant repair it. They only parts you can replace are the circuit board, brackets, 18 volt transformer, 40 ft of actuator cable and 12 volt 7amp hour batteries.
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Comments (1)

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  1. aamechs2 says:

    First of all this can be frustrating!! I have replaced the circuit board on my FM500 single model with the blue board.It used to beep a coupla times then work or not. I called the tech support and he helped me to find the circuit board was bad. He told me to tap with a screwdriver on the two black plastic boxes and , sure enough the gate did open. So the solenoids on the board were bad. Bought new blue board to replace the green one and then it was fine for a while.The batteries that they provide are JUNK. The opener started to beep 6 or 7 times but do nothing else. So I removed both batteries (I thought that two would be better) and replaced them with one good car battery and two years later not a problem one!! YEAH

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