Buy Automatic Gate Operators to make Life safer & Easy!

| September 30, 2011 | Comments (1)

Most automatic gate operators are built for operating on swinging or sliding gates. You can buy these products as they are sold globally. They consist of branded labels and are of quality which is sold at affordable rates. The operators are powered by automatic arm which can open and close gates. They are fitted with solar panels which ensure that the batteries in the operators run longer. You can use the solar power when you do not have an access to electric source or if you feel like using a renewable source of energy. Electric gate openers function on different access controls like remote, intercom or keypads.

You can look up the internet for information on gate openers. There are also other accessories like gate locks, battery chargers, gate covers and other products which come as a package deal and are sold at affordable prices. You may also be interested in purchasing Apollo 1650 gate openers as they can handle gates which are 16 feet long. They can be easily installed on existing gates as well as most swing gates. It has a battery than can be AC charged or solar charged. This equipment is made up of modern materials and provides reliability for a longer duration. You can set the timer and the gates will close automatically after the preset time. Its control board has soft start and stop feature which disables the shaking of the larger gates. They are one of the best gate openers in the market and are sold at affordable prices.

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Comments (1)

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  1. Gohoosiers1 says:

    Complaint concerning Apollo Gates. This company is terrible (including parent company NICE spa in Italy) – they are abusive to clients – not helpful – you buy from them you will lose and be mad as hell. If you are considering buying a gate system, like an Apollo, make sure to check out their instruction manual and make a test call to their technical support before you buy. I purchased a gate system from Apollo / Nice Spa and paid approx $2500 for it. The system seems built well, but everything went bad when I was forced to deal with Apollo’s tech support in the USA (maybe the call was routed south of the border). Apollo’s tech support will actually use expletives and even call client names… They were VERY RUDE and unhelpful, especially Christopher. So, If you are a masochist and like to be abused, buy Apollo. In the end they make a fairly good machine, but support and instruction are absolutely terrible. Look around and consider buying something else.

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