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Gate Access Control, Excellent Technology is Available for Your Custom System

If you have a gate installed on your property, then it is likely that safety and privacy are of utmost concern to you.  With that in mind, you should know that there are countless options to choose from when it comes to outfitting your driveway entryway with gate access controls.  For example, you might choose an access panel that uses a swipe card method to allow access to those who possess a swipe card that you have provided to them.  The only downside to that option is that a person might lose the swipe card or the card potentially could be stolen.  Then, anyone might be able to operate your gate access controls.

You might also choose a keypad system so that only those that know the predetermined code can gain access to your property.  This options works a lot like a pin number that you use at the bank’s ATM.  The only downside to this option is that if you have older kids, they could give their friends the code and so you wind up with a lot of people knowing how to get onto your property without being announced or preapproved.  One way to remedy this problem is to change the code frequently or to install a system that only allows the code to be used a certain number of times per day.

What about a system for allowing access for vehicles and persons who do not have a swipe card or access code?  There are many options for operating your gate access controls remotely.  For example, you might choose to install a call button near your gate that acts like an intercom to the main house.  When the button is pushed, someone from inside the house can speak to the person at the gate to determine whether or not that guest will be allowed onto the property.  Another option is to install a video monitoring intercom system to ensure that you can also see the person/vehicle that is seeking access before you operate the gate access controls inside your home to allow the person inside.

Whether you choose a swipe card, code, voice intercom or video intercom system, the technology is excellent and you really can’t go wrong. When choosing gate access controls that are right for the needs of you and your family, consider how you will be using the system to best customize your gate access controls.

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